Amira Morrow Co.

Rediscover yourself in motherhood


You don't have to do it all.  

You don't have to do it alone.  

Putting your needs first is better for everyone around you.  

It's time to uncover what's holding you back from:      

  • Living the life you want
  • Taking time for yourself
  • Doing what you love
  • Learning to be with and experience your emotions in a healthy way (so you don't repeat the cycle)  

It's time to rediscover yourself in motherhood.   



Imagine being able to lift and carry your child, run, jump, play, and sneeze without leaks, aches, or pains!  

It's time to get on track to feeling stronger and more confident in your body.

Never considered yourself an exercise person? That's ok! Learn how to build new habits and routines so that "I just don't have time" is no longer your default response.  

What's stopping you from putting your needs first?  

What's holding you back from taking care of your self in a deeply nourishing way?  

Hint: It's not a lack of motivation or willpower  

You have these stories and limiting beliefs deeply ingrained in your subconscious that may go something like this:      

  • Other people's needs are more important than my own (kids, partner, boss, etc)    
  • I have too many other things that I need to do instead (everything else is more important then me/my health)    
  • I don't deserve to take time for/spend money on myself  

It's not your fault. And you're not the only one with these subconscious beliefs.  
They are passed down generationally.They are learned through modeling by our caregivers. They are created from traumatic or emotionally charged situations.  

It can be healed. You can grow beyond these stories.  

You can become your authentic self.  

You can become whole through all of your parts - through all aspects of your identity.



I want you to know, that the transition to motherhood kicked my ass - physically, mentally, and emotionally. I experienced depression, anxiety, chronic back and neck pain, low self-esteem, and the all-too-common "sneeze pee" in the first two years after giving birth.  

I had experienced it all before, except the last one. That was the final straw. I knew I needed to get help. My journey for a cure for incontinence led me down the most unexpected path of self-discovery and transformation.  

My passion and mission in life is to help women overcome the physical, mental, and emotional challenges of becoming a mother. 

Let's work together

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